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Congo (131) Lusambo, Congo 9/11/1925 [DCS] [BMS]


Friday Sept 11, 1925

Dearest homefolks:

The Texas is expected in this evening and then my work begins. The Mutoto part of the Committee is due tomorrow evening. They will likely be here three or four days. The Texas perhaps longer as they are expecting the Reeves on their mission up from the pool about that time.

I got your letter with Aunt Nennie's enclosed last Tuesday and have read them over many times. I was so anxious to hear from you and then to get such a short letter. I suppose you don't feel much like writing to me since you haven't had a letter in so long; however, I couldn't help being disappointed. I have written you nearly every week since we reached here, but it was very hard for me to write on the way out. I haven't been very well lately and I suppose that is why I long to hear from you. I am hoping to feel better when I get around to Luebo. I haven't written any letters to anyone but you and one to Nettie since I left; therefore get none.

I felt the first earthquake I ever remember feeling the other day. We thought at first there was a cat in the ceiling running around, then it came the second time and sounded like a leopard or a person running the length of the whole house. My! but it did sound awful. B.M. called for the ladder to go see about it and the boys came and said it was an earthquake and that they saw the house shake. I certainly had peculiar sensations. The natives say this is the third one they have felt in a comparatively short length of time. From the papers they seem to be having them all over the world.

My hair is almost long enough to put up with the aid of a hairnet. It is certainly a miserable length now--in my eyes mouth, and everything I eat. What are the prospects for bobbed hair by this time?

I hope you have sent Lucille's music by this time; if not send it for I think that will be all right by mail.

Have you heard anything from Aunt Lutie lately? Is she teaching this year? I am anxious to know if you are going to teach or not.

There just isn't any news to write. Perhaps by next time I can give you something definite as to what and when we are going to do.



Sept. 16, 1925

Dear Folks: Just a few lines before I retire. you may be surprised to know that I am alone tonight, and that Dorothy and Max left today for Mutoto. Mr. Miller and Mr. Smith came over from Mutoto for the Conference here, in the Ford, and as Mr. Smith is not returning in the car, Dorothy, Max and Miss Fontaine went back to Mutoto with Mr. Miller. I will be here till about the end of the month, and return to Luebo probably with the "Lapsley." Dorothy will stay at Mutoto till about time for the Mission Meeting, and then go on the Luebo. Dr. Moore is here, and will stay at Lusambo to relieve us till the first of the year, and until the Mission sends another man. Mr. Smit~l left for an itinerary this AM and I am leaving early in the morning to join him for about a week. Then I will return here and pack and the "Lapsley" will probably be here in about two weeks, and then return to Luebo soon. As we never dreamed of this arrangement, of course Dorothy has been very busy packing and hasn't had time to write. Max is walking all over the place now.

Please excuse short note, but I ought to be in bed and still have a few things to look after.

With love to all,

B. M.

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