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Congo (121) On board S.S. Olympic 4/7/1925 [BMS] [DCS]

On Board S.S. "OLYMPIC”

THYSVILLE April 7,1925

Dear Folks:

As we are due to reach Tennerifte, Canary Islands, tomorrow morning, we want to get off a few lines today to let you know the news. This is really the first day now since Friday that I have been able to write. We left Antwerp Thursday morning promptly at nine A. M., with fine weather. Thursday and Friday were as fine as one could wish; but Saturday was rough, we did not have a storm but the wind was high and the sea was rocky; Sunday was a little better but still quite a heavy sea, so Dorothy and I both spent these two days in bed. I had a touch of "mal de mer" but Dorothy didn't get sick. Today is much better. The top of the water is as smooth as glass, but there is a heavy swell that gives us quite a movement although it is much better, and it is fine outside. But little Max has not worried one bit about the heavy sea; he has been as happy and gay the whole time as though we were on terra firma; he really seems to enjoy it. Of course, this is quite a help to us. We have a comfortable cabin --the best we've ever had, I believe, and up on one of the upper decks; this is a great help to us. We have also found a few congenial companions. There is a young Norwegian girl going out to join her parents in the Congo, who are missionaries out there. She speaks only a little English, but is learning fast.

We have had a list of the passengers on the "Anversville," which is due in Antwerp the 10th inst., and find that the Cranes and McKees are on board. We are sorry that we missed them, and understand that they would have been in on the Thysville, but that Mr. Crane had a fever just as they were ready to leave Mutoto, and had to wait over for the next boat.

I found a very good map of the Congo in Antwerp, and left one in Antwerp to be mailed to you, which I trust will reach you. It gives quite a bit of detail about our field, and I think you will find all of our stations on it --Luebo, Mutoto, Lusambo, Bulape, and Bibanga. It is quite a recent edition. Please let us know if you receive it.

The weather has already turned much warmer. We no longer need our overcoats on deck. In fact, we have been quite comfortable, although we had dreaded the first few days on this boat on account of the cold weather in Antwerp, and on account of our experience on our last trip out, when we suffered from cold the first few days. But is has not been uncomfortable, and the baby has no cold.

The Chief Engineer is with us at our table in the dining room, a Scotchman, and is very pleasant. He has been coming out to the Congo for something like 20 years, so has quite a store of information. We also have a young English couple at our table. So far of course we have not been to a great many meals! ! We are due to reach Matadi on the 20th inst., that is two weeks from yesterday.

As there are still a few more letters to get off before we reach Tenneriffe will let this suffice for the present. Can't think of any more important items to mention. Dorothy may get time to add a few words, but I doubt it. She is getting the baby ready to bring up on deck.

With love to all from us all.

B. M. and Dorothy

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