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Congo (127) Lusambo, Congo 7/29/1925 [DCS] [BMS]


July 29, 1925

Dearest homefolks:

This is a very quiet place, only the routine work of the day and then a little walk or row up the river after five. B. M. has been putting out his lines, trying to catch some fish, but hasn’t caught any yet. There are plenty but very hard to catch. This morning our first visitor in two months came in, a man from an English mission about three hours below us by canoe. He has been out in the bush building a small house and has now come back after his wife. They will live over a day from any other white person. We think we have a hard time----Well I just wouldn't do it, that's all. When I say he is our first visitor in two months I mean for meals, for we have State people often but seldom ever for tea, then I forgot we had Dr. King two or three weeks ago. We are enjoying the quiet but enjoy having people come through. We are expecting several visitors from the M.E.C.M. in about three weeks, two nurses coming in and two leaving for America, also the Texas, their boat, is expected up from the Pool in a little while. We don't know when to expect the Lapsley and it is according to its movements what we will do about going to Mission meeting in Oct.

This is a lovely place to stay in every respect except one--mosquitoes. There are so many here and nearly everyone must be infected, for there is so much malaria. All of us have had it since we came but are taking quinine regularly. I have not given the baby any yet. I just try to watch him close and get him under the net early at night. For this reason, we are anxious to get back around to Luebo.

The baby is in splendid health now. He has cut his four upper teeth, is as good as weaned for I only nurse. once a day and all his other food agrees with him. I give him 1 cup porridge, 1 egg, 1 1/2 cups goats milk and 2 cups canned milk, besides some fruit juice each day. I shall wean him entirely in another two weeks. He does not get much; therefore

does not care much about it. He has one and sometimes two good actions a day, and I don't even possess any suppositories any more. He weighs a little over 20 pounds and has lately started taking a few steps alone. The book says 21 lbs at I year and he has a month yet. In fact, you would hardly know him to be the same baby that left your house last Feb. He has not changed in looks only is larger. His hair is growing and he will have curls a little lighter than my hair-I don't think he will ever be black headed but it will be darker.

The Prince of Belgium is expected to come to see us today and everything is ready. I can't write any more now. Will try to write again in a few days. We are enclosing 10 negatives. Please have them printed and send us a copy of each as we have not printed any. Send the bill along with pictures. Thanks. Hastily.


I will write soon; we're having a conference of all evangelists in this section, about 24; then it's pay day and end of month for monthly statements, etc. Everybody is well, especially Mr. Max. We will take some pictures of him soon.

Love to all,

B. M.

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