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Congo (122) On board the Lapsley 5/19/1925 [DCS]

On Board the Lapsley

May 19, 1925

Dearest homefolks,

Here we are less than a week from Luebo, and I am getting mighty anxious to get there for I am o! so tired of traveling. The baby has stood the trip fine. but has already gone through quite a bit of training, as we just can't have him out after dark at night on account of mosquitoes and I think it best to keep him under the net most of the day on account of the tsetse flies. The others on board agree with me and say they had rather hear him cry than to run the risk of his being sick. He is over the worst time now for he has learned to go to sleep by himself and sits and plays often alone. The baby is growing fast and weighs nineteen pounds--over the average for an eight months old baby. He is just as full of life as can be and has gotten over most of his nervousness since he sleeps more. His bowels act regularly every day. I can't see but that he is absolutely normal now, and just needs a little training. I don't know how I could do without him. We met the Allens and Longneckers on their way down river bound for home.

Excuse such short letters.


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