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Congo (117) Antwerp, Belgium 3/29/1925 [BMS]


(Société Anonyme)


Telephone 7214


March 29, 1925

Dear Folks:

I think Dorothy has written you about all the important news. We are still waiting on our boat, but are due to sail on Thursday morning, April 2nd, at nine A.M. So far we know of but one other Congo missionary returning, a Mr. Guyton, who was on the same boat with us the last time we went out, and we like him very much.

Our agent here had a telegram from Mr. Willis, Treasurer of our Com., asking that I select a printing press. It seems that some money has been given for a new press, so they want to buy it. I had some correspondence about this with them before I left, but the money was not in hand, so they gave me no instructions about looking for one. So I will have to go to Brussels tomorrow for this purpose. As we are getting our things ready, I hate to leave now. but still we are almost thru with all our shopping, etc.

The Cranes and McKees are to be here on the next boat from the Congo, so we will pass them on the ocean; we are sorry for this, as we had looked forward to meeting them. No definite news has been received that Mrs. Edmiston, who has sleeping sickness, is on her way back, so we presume she is being treated by Dr. Kellersberger in the field, as he has the necessary medicine. He made a special trip to Germany on his way out to the Congo to get a good supply of this medicine from the factory where it is manufactured.

As Dorothy says, this is one time when we will enjoy the Hostel at Kinshasal ! This certainly relieves one of the big problems of our journey --a nice place to stay at Kinshasa, both comfortable and pleasant.

We have just heard that the "THYSVILLE," (our Congo boat) is to make only one stop between here and the Congo, which is to be Teneriffe, Canary Islands. She is leaving two days late is the reason for this. This will make our stay on board a couple of days shorter.

With love to everybody from us all.


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