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Congo (175) Antwerp, Belgium 4/15/1928 [DCS] [BMS]

Queen's Hotel
Antwerp, Belgium
April 15, 1928
My dear homefolks:
Got here on the 13th, Fri., about suppertime. My! but it was grand to get to civilization again and off the boat. It seems to me ocean travel gets worse every time we make it. Not that we had a rough voyage, especially, but neither of us are fond of the sea and are sick a lot of the time. We have chosen the Aquitania again and reach N.Y. about the 3rd of May. The Millers leave a few days ahead of us, but on the larger boat. We don't get there far behind them, as few days on the ocean as possible for me. We expect to see something of Holland in the few days we stay over and also go to Brussels to see the Buses and some other friends.
As there are other boats leaving, we hope you will get this before we get to you. We got your letter when we reached here and were very pleasantly surprised. I was afraid you would not write us here. Also Uncle Kent had written us here. It was in answer to my letter saying we didn't want to miss him along the way if he was anywhere near our route. I shall enclose his letter. If we hear that Aunt Lutie is at Lexington and that it suits her for us to make her a visit for a day or two, we may go by there. I am also writing Uncle Kent when we expect to be there. We had such a hurried visit with him the last time in N. Y. He came just the day or two before we left and our room was full of our trunks and packages for missionaries. I was afraid he got disgusted with us, for he stayed only a few hours. Surely he just realized how hurried we were.
The trees are budding here, and they say it has been quite warm, but it's snowing today; however, the snow melts as soon as it reaches the ground. We are very comfortable here. We have stearn heat and can have a coal fire also, if necessary. Max hasn't even had a cold so far. We have taken on an English woman to care for our crowd of 6 children so we can go anywhere and do anything we wish without having to take them out into the cold. We shopped all day yesterday and went to the show last night. Guess we won't go to the show again soon as B.M. 's eyes won't stand it.
Hope to hear from you in N. Y. again. If the roads are good, I hope to come by Livingston. I will hear, though, about that.
Lots of love to all.
I got tapestry and ebony elephants in Tenerife.
We will see you before long.
Dear Folks;
Dorothy has written you about all the news we have. We are enjoying our contact with Europe. As Dorothy wrote, we're planning to sail on the AQUITANIA, which is scheduled to leave Southampton, England, on April 28th, to arrive in New York about May 3rd or 4th. This will give us a few extra days here to see a bit. I had hoped to make a trip to Cologne, Germany, for a day there, but understand there is some trouble and expense about passports, so may not go, but we hope to spend a day or two in Holland.
Well, we will be hearing from you in New York, and hope to see you now in a few weeks.
With love to all.

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