Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Congo (105) Luebo, Congo 7/4/1923 [DCS]

American Presbyterian Congo Mission

Luebo, July 4th 1923

Dearest Homefolks:

People have certainly been good to me lately. I have decided that they are sorry for me because I have to go to the pool, (Kinshasa), but anyway, I've certainly been getting some nice things. Mrs. McKinnon has given me two real pretty dresses, one is voile and the other organdy, made up with blue dotted swiss just beautiful more like a party dress. I forgot to say that it is trimmed with net ruffles and they just set it off. It's just the kind of dress that suits me. The reason that she can let me have them is that she has gotten fat since she arrived, therefore all her dresses are getting too small for her and she is having to make herself more. I let her have the voile I brought out with me, which I was more than

glad to do. I hate to think about trying to make dresses. Her dresses just exactly fit me. I seem to fall heir to clothes that get too small for the other person. I'm taller than several of the other ladies on the station but smaller everywhere else. Georgia gave me a beautiful waist yesterday. I'm not much on waists and skirts but it will come in mighty handy when I start wearing my coat suit. Mary says she has a dress that is too small for her that she wants me to have, but I haven't seen it yet. Don't worry any more about me and clothes until I come home, for by the time I get those dresses from you I shall be well supplied. I don't think I shall attempt making a single dress before I come

I was telling you about my checked gingham I have to make but I'm going to get you to help me plan it when I get there. I have plenty of other sewing to do, though. it certainly was good of you to send me those dresses and things. We expect them in the next mail. From all we hear, the Martins are on the way by this time and I can't imagine who you can send things by. Still have hopes the Millers will come about that time. I'm very glad you put in the union suits for I will need them badly, I fear. However, I am going to try and get plenty of teddies made. I thought of one more thing that I am going to need badly and that's two flannelet night gowns. I have enough material for one and I think three will be enough. If you can just send the material I can make them or have them made.

Don't forget the letter I asked for you to send to New York. Won't know whether to get spring or summer clothes. Must go to work..



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