Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Congo (54) Luebo, Congo 11/28/1921 [DCS]

Luebo, Belgian Congo, Mon. Nov. 28, 1921

You dear, dear homefolks:

The mail leaves in less than an hour and it seems like I have so much to tell you, and I could fill several pages just with thanks for your five nice long letters and a card that I got this morning. Oh! if I could just make you understand how much your letters mean to me. After I have read them I almost feel like a new person for then I know you are getting along well, for I can't help but think and worry sometimes. Mother, your letters are coming fine now; you had better keep sort of quiet about the letters for a while for really I'm having no complaint now, and there isn't any use to stir up the subject of our old letters for that's all passed. They haven't any interest in my letters now, or shouldn't have, and I don't believe they would dare hold back my letters or yours either, for that matter, for you know that would be a mighty tender place with us now, and I believe they would be afraid to. There would be no use to get them in bad about our letters, that is if you just want to clean the country out, because if you start to clean it out there would be too many new things turn up. I don't think I've made my point clear, but I just mean that everybody and everything in that whole country towards Kiam is rotten. That certainly is putting it strong.

My goodness! I have just started, but B.M. has come in and said I must stop in order to get anything off. Will try to write tomorrow and the mail will go again in a day or so I think.

I love you all,


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