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Congo (43) Luebo, Congo 8/30/1921 [DCS]

Luebo Tuesday August 30, 1921

Dearest parents:

I am very busy these days. The club comes to me day after tomorrow. Certainly wish I had someone about like you to help me plan their meals. I surely dread it. However I'm not going to make such a fuss over them as some of the other women have. I couldn't even if I wanted to. There will be quite a reduction in numbers when they get to me, as Mr. Craig has gone on a journey to visit the other stations and we don't expect him in until about the middle of the month and Miss Black is going to house keeping. Only Mr. Hillhouse and Mr. Gilliam are left, but still Mr. Hillhouse's lunches are what trouble us. I am sure we will enjoy them though as they are both pleasant.

Sarah has moved into her new house, and it is the prettiest house. Everything is so nice and convenient. They even have a bathroom outfit and sewer [?] system. I never realized there could be such a house in the Congo. Some people criticize Steag for building himself such a house, but if anyone out here deserves it, he does. She is going to have a house warming Monday evening.

Sat. The mail leaves this afternoon, so I will try to finish your letter. Have been so busy since this was started just could not finish it. The club came Thursday, and I have not found it near so hard as I had expected, only school comes next Monday and the Dr.'s children from across the river are going to start in again. So you see I'll have plenty to keep me busy, and I have also taken over the division of vegetables as B.M. has the farm, and that takes up part of my time in the morning.

Mr. Martin [also] came in this morning after about two months visit to out stations. Everyone was so glad to see him. There is just something about Mr. Martin that everyone likes. One of the greatest reasons I'm so glad he's back is because he will take the playing for church off my hands. And I'll be so glad as I don't know hardly any of the songs they sing here. It's a hymn book, but very different from any I've seen. Even if I do say it, I play much better now than when I left home, that is, I mean on songs. There are not many songs that I can't play pretty well.

Dr. King has gone to Bulape, as Mrs. Wharton is expecting her baby sometime this month. Mrs. Vinson who is Mr. Wharton's sister is going up there to wait on her, so there are two more people taken away from our station for a month. We don't know how long Mr. Martin will stay here, as he has not finished his itinerary yet. He is due a furlough the first of the year, that is he will be going home.

I got a long letter from Evelyn this morning. This was only some stray mail; we are expecting some letters from you folks this evening, but I don't know whether the boat will get back or not. I believe you misunderstood Evelyn. You told me she was to graduate from High School this past year, but it isn't until another. I suppose you have gotten it straight by now. The biggest piece of news to me she had was that Frankie Floor was married. Did you all get an invitation? I knew she was hearing regularly from a young man, and wanted to go home mighty bad, but her parents would not let her.

I'm going to close now or I may not get this off. I'll try to do better next time. I love you both, and please don't worry about us or anything cause I want you to be well and strong when I get home. If you could only know how anxious I am to see you all.



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