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Congo (17) At Sea (Anversville) 12/16/1920 [DCS]


Thursday, Dec. 16, 1920

Dearest Mother and Father:

We are away out on the deep blue sea again, and I know what it is to be really and truly seasick; however, 1am all right now, as the boat isn't rolling so much today. I got used to rolling to some extent anyway, though. "II take it back, I wasn't very seasick, and when I lay down, I was all right. The days are getting fine now if they don't get too hot.

This boat was a surprise to me for I was expecting to find things much worse. I like our cabin very well; it's a little small with both our steamer trunks and other things, but we don't stay down there very much. It is so nice on deck and we enjoy the games.

We had such a pleasant stay in Antwerp, saw some of the famous paintings by Ruebens in the Cathedral there. One of these, “The Descent from the Cross,” is said to be his last work. The famous head of Christ by Leonardo De Vinci painted on a piece of marble [is there] The large stained glass windows in this cathedral were the most beautiful we have seen anywhere; we think they were even more beautiful than St. Paul's. We saw a few very old buildings dating back to 1100.

We are to land at Teneriff tomorrow and will write you about our visit there. We stop there six or eight hours. They say we can get all the grapes we can eat on this island.

The food on this boat is certainly fine and well prepared. I am always hungry when meal time comes, only of course, when I am seasick, which isn't often.

They have many nice people among the missionaries going out and are having such a pleasant journey. .

B.M. says I ought to be whipped for not writing more in this letter, but I wonder who is going to give it to me.

I study Baluba some, but it's hard to study on the boat.

With all my love that's not B.M's.

Your daughter,


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