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Congo (1) At Sea, 9/19/1920 [BMS]

On Board the Cunard R.M.S. Caronia

Sunday Sept. 19th

8:45 p.m.

Dear Mother and Daddy:

Here we are at last far out on the deep blue, a long way from shore but on this nice big steamer, with every comfort and convenience, we feel as safe as on land. The “Caronia” is a large passenger boat, with splendid accommodations; our cabin is nice, our meals are the very best, and so far our companions and associations have been very agreeable and pleasant.

As this is Sunday they had a “Church of England” service which consisted entirely of reading and prayers from a book with a few hymns and a good anthem. There was a good deal of responsive reading, but no sermon as the Purser conducted the service.

So far we have both been free from sea sickness, although I felt a few peculiar sensations yesterday, and I don’t guarantee my condition for the future. But I’m glad I escaped for one day at least.

There are six of us at our dining room table, the Hobsons, ourselves and another couple who have been very pleasant and sociable. They are just past middle age and are Presbyterians by denomination. We haven’t become acquainted with the other passengers, but no doubt will soon as this is only first day after starting. Of course the Hobsons as ourselves are having a good time together; they are fine young folks and we like them. It’s nice to have company like this, especially until we get acquainted, and then being in the same work for the same field makes us feel pretty close together. Will have to close for this time, so good-night till tomorrow.


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