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Congo (15) Brussels, Belgium 12/8/1920 [DCS]

Brussels, Belgium

December 8, 1920

My own dearest homefolks,

The most exciting thing that has happened lately was your letter. It was at my breakfast plate the other morning when I went down. I don't think I ever was so glad to hear from home. It had been so long since I had even heard from you.

Tomorrow is the day set for us to sail so of course we have been very busy all day. I meant to say that tomorrow is the day we go to Antwerp from this place-we sail Saturday. Our trunks left this morning. We are going to send them from here to Antwerp by truck to save time and money, a distance of only twenty-five or thirty miles. We were not expecting the man to come until in the morning and had only a short time to pack. Mr. and Mrs. Hobson went to Antwerp today. The girls are to go with us tomorrow.

I am certainly tired tonight, having packed, then I washed two pair of union suits and one pair of pajamas. I felt like I had done a big washing when I got through. Then I have washed quite a bit today. These people walk more than any I ever saw. They had rather walk than catch a car any day. What I brought this subject of being tired for was to ask you to excuse my writing, but got off the subject before I finished.

We are going to have a little exchange of gifts on the boat at Christmas time. You would not call them gifts, only remembrances, and we have a limit of 5 francs or 40 cents in our money. B.M. says we will be somewhere near the equator at Christmas time.

The people here have been so nice to us, and so we are going to give the Mademoiselle of the house a nice cake plate, and have already given the man of the house, her brother, a collar and chain for his dog. We got you some little things for your Christmas, but found afterward that it would be at such a risk to send these things out of the country, we decided not to send them.

I got a nice shampoo yesterday. The water here is so hard I decided to have my hair done down town and it certainly was fine. Rowena got her hair bobbed today and it makes her look awful; of course, we tell her it looks nice, though. Her hair is real straight and she had it curled, but in just a little while it looked worse than ever. Miss Setser has hers bobbed and it looks real well on her. They have tried to get me to have mine bobbed but no sir. I know how awful I would look.

Will try to write more later.

Lots of love,


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