Saturday, February 14, 2009

Congo (0) Introductory Letter

The Letters of B. M. and Dorothy Schlotter

From the American Presbyterian Congo Mission

1920 – 1928

San Maros, Texas

January 9, 2000

The letters as typed in this document are word for word copies of the text of letters written during the eight years that Dorothy Chambers Schlotter and Bruno Max (B.M.) Schlotter served as missionaries to the American Presbyterian Mission in the Belgian Congo. Most of the letters were written to Dorothy Schlotter’s parents, Rev. Caleb Wallace Chambers and Emma Daniels Chambers, missionaries to the Alabama-Coushatta Indians in Texas.

Each letter was copied from the original by their son, Max Schlotter, and their daughter-in-law, Joann Day Schlotter. Some liberty has been taken with some off the spelling and punctuation in the letters for the purpose of clarity. Otherwise, nothing has been changed.

The originals have been placed in the archives of the Presbyterian Church. Because of their age, they are fragile and would not be suitable for research use in their original condition; therefore, the effort has been made to reproduce them in typed form to be read by family and anyone interested in knowing more about the day to day life of servants of our Lord in Africa early in the Twentieth Century. The hope is that the reader will gain an appreciation, as we have, for the dedication of the many missionaries in whatever their field of service to bring the gospel to a people whose previous worship had been of idols.

Max Wallace Schlotter

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  1. Max, I found you through a search for blogs entitled Congo Letters. I'm getting ready to produce my own set of letters, which were written from my grandparents to their family and friends from 1924 through 1969. They were missionaries in far northeast Congo, mostly at Aba. My own parents were missionaries as well in Congo, from 1960-1973, and I grew up in Congo. I'll probably include some of our letters as well. I was wondering if you have had negative feedback from your family on posting the unedited contents of the letters? Hoping to hear from you. Amy