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Congo (24) Luebo, Congo 3/2/1921 [DCS]

Luebo, Africa

March 2, 1921

Dear Sarah:

I got your letter a long time ago, but I have many letters to write and not much time to write. I am teaching in the native school. Do you know what native means? We call the black people of this country natives; they learn very well; and I like to teach them. I have only girls in my class; there are sixteen in all.

The people in this country are very different from ours, as they do not speak our language, and they do not wear many clothes, for this is always a warm [climate]; we never have winter, so they do not need many clothes. In many ways, Africa is different from America.

Even the animals are different from ours. I will send you a picture of me and my little pet monkey, he is a very nice pet and I want to bring him home with me when I come. It is not a good picture, but I thought you would like to look at it. My husband goes out into the forest and kills monkeys sometimes, only the ones he kills are much larger than this one. They are about the size of possums at home.

I hope you will be at Kiam when I come home for I would like very much to see you then. I will go home about two years from now, I suppose. Do you like where you are living now better than Polk Co? I think the Indian Village is a mighty good place to live.

Write to me again sometimes. Your friend,


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